ECAA’s Goals: Taking Action from our 4 Pillars for Success

Remember ECAA’s Mission?

Provide Outreach

ECAA offers resources to discuss Esophageal Cancer’s traumatic effect on families, friends and loved ones. By phone or email, ECAA’s offers conversations with people who have first-hand experience with the disease. ECAA’s coverage is across the US and Canada. Find a contact near you.

Advocate Public Awareness

The ECAA and its members have promoted advocacy efforts across multiple states and on a national level in the United States.

Promote Research

ECAA raises money to promote raising awareness about Esophageal Cancer.  As we grow our hope is to direct our budget toward larger efforts but for now our expenditures only includes production costs for merchandise and promotional material, supporting events, postage costs, legal fees, and donations to esophageal cancer research centers.

Offer Educational Information

Esophageal cancer is not a well-known disease, but we here at the ECAA plan to change that. Our volunteers are dedicated to spreading the word about EC and helping reach those who are ignorant of the disease and its effects.

To help with our Goals for each of the Pillars, see How You Can Help battle EC with us!