How can I join the leadership of ECAA?

The ECAA Board of Directors always has a door open for new talent to join. Please Write Us if you are interested in joining the board!

How can I help?
Do you have information I can download?

Yes, please visit our Helpful Downloads page.

I (or someone I know) was just diagnosed. What should I do?

Learn as much as you can about EC and talk to your doctor. For support, ECAA offers regional contacts who can connect you with similar people; ECAA also has a vibrant online community.

How many employees does ECAA have?

None. ECAA is 100% volunteer and does not have any paid staff — part time or full time.

What does ECAA membership mean?

Prior to 2012, ECAA had a membership feature which allowed paid members to receive newsletters and discounted merchandise. Now membership is free, by simply subscribing to the online newsletter.

What does ECAA do?

ECAA is a nonprofit. We want to promote awareness, education, support and research for EC. Learn more about our mission here.

How do you get EC?

EC can happen in different forms, so it is important to understand the different risk factors.

Are there other EC organizations?

Yes, please visit our Helpful Links page. ECAA has a strong focus in helping promote education, raise awareness, drive fundraising for research and provide support to those affected by the disease.

What discounts are available on merchandise?

Large orders can be arranged separately or simply donated at no cost — just Contact Us and detail your request.

Also, if you plan an event, you may be eligible to receive merchandise at no cost — just a commitment to raise funds.

Where do donation dollars go?

All monies raised go toward events, promotional awareness materials and funding research.

Less than 5% of donations are administrative costs, which include website, letterhead and other administrative costs.

There are no paid staff of ECAA.

What is ECAA’s address?

ECAA has no brick and mortar location, but we have a mailbox at PO Box 55071 #15530, Boston MA, 02205-5071.

Why is ECAA on Facebook twice?

We have a Community Group where patients, survivors and caregivers can meet. ECAA does not actively manage the group; it is community driven.

We also have a Facebook Page in which ECAA sends out updates. ECAA actively manages the group.

What #hashtag does ECAA use on Twitter?

ECAA has a Twitter handle (@ECAware) and uses the hashtag #EsophagealCancer and #BeECAware to trend comments and tweets.

What Social Media sites are ECAA on?
What is the color of EC Awareness?

The color of EC Awareness is periwinkle (). You can buy your periwinkle merchandise at the ECAA Online Store.

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What does EC mean?

EC is an acronym for Esophageal Cancer. For more definitions, please refer to our dictionary.

How can my business sponsor ECAA?