Drinking & Smoking = Dangerous!

Both drinking and smoking are linked to diagnoses of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Therefore the use of tobacco and alcohol should be avoided. Reducing or eliminating exposures to these harmful substances may reduce the risk of damaging the esophagus. Alcohol consumption of three or more drinks per day and cigarette smoking share similar, and probably additive, effects on some forms of cancer.

Alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol exposes the esophagus to potentially harmful substances. Harmful alcohol exposure can be reduced by limiting frequency of intake and abstaining from harder types of alcohol such as vodka, whiskey, rum, and other hard liquor.

Source: Flickr ojaipatrick

Alcoholic beverages can have corrosive effects on the lining of the esophagus. Minimizing or eliminating intake, especially of more harmful alcohols, can have a positive effect on the esophageal health.


Cigarettes, Cigars or any other type of tobacco use is not recommended at all. Whereas some studies suggest that regular, limited consumption of red wine can actually be helpful to one’s health, little credible evidence supports tobacco use of any kind.

Smokeless tobacco use, such as chewing snuff, is no better than cigarette smoking, as direct contact with tobacco the gums and cheeks exposes the user to cancers such as oral cancer and esophageal cancer. There are many methods available for reducing tobacco use in stages, but the goal should remain the same: being healthy.

In short, for a healthier esophagus do not use tobacco.