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Hi ,Todd.My dad has a stage 3 as well,just finished 6 weeks of chemo and radiation and can not decide whether to have surgery or not.He read some horror stories about post surgery life but is affraid that if he opts out he is reducing hes chance of survival.Any advice would be greatly appreciated. read more.
My name is valorie and m my mother is 83 years old. She\'s had 2 silence heart attacks. She was diagnosed with Colon cancerous tumor. They did sugery and said they was 99 percent sure they got it all so they went in and did a full body test to see if they got it all and found out she had stage four liver cancer. And she is on kidney dialysis. She is my last parent.I have know one left.can you please tell me around how much time she has. She had a lung disease.on top of her age. I don\'t understand.I need to know something to ease my mind. Thank you valorie peters read more.
My husband is stage 3 and actually doing the same chemo drugs you did. However, they are have him only do chemo at beginning and end of radiation ( radiation is for 25 treatments). I was surprise to see you did chemo for 6 months? Was that weekly? read more.
thank you for sharing your story,I wish you to have many healthy years more,I would like to know how is your swallowing today or do you have some hearing issues..hoping for an answer,God bless read more.
Are you able to eat without nausea? Do you wake each morning nauseated, throwing up, or dry heaving? Have you been left with dumping syndrome? read more.
I was diagnosed July 2015 with Adenocarcinoma. I was having trouble swallowing which prompted a visit to the ER for a barium swallow followed by scope. Cancer was stage III. In the esophagus and surrounding nodes. I started Chemo-radiation and a drug call Herceptin. Herceptin bonds to the HER2 protein in some cancers stopping them from replicating. Cancer shrunk from 8cm to 1.5cm in esophagus and disappeared altogether in the nodes. I had surgery Dec 1 2015 and had plenty of complications. Leak in the new esophagus as well as a pulmonary embolism. In hospital for 16 day and out for 8 before being rushed back for infection under the lung. After 20 day I\'m out and recovering. I also had a lot of froth mentioned above. Doctors believed it was acid. I also threw up quite a bit. I has gotten much better. I lost 45 lbs and 10 months after surgery haven\'t gained a pound back but I am much healthier. Recent CT shows nothing new. Eat small meals more often and have to watch my blood sugar due to dumping syndrome. It does get better. I never would have believed I could have gotten through it but I did. I do believe that my eating is improving and my stomach is getting larger. Does it get better over time. Will my stomach continue to grow which I assume will assist is sleeping. At this point I fall asleep in an easy boy and halfway through the night I go to bed after my stomach is empty. I still sleep on a wedge but I can sleep on my side at that point. I also continually cough up mucus. I\'m not sure if its due to scar tissue in esophagus or lungs due to raidaition or damage in the lungs form the PE. Any advise you have is appreciated. I\'m only 1.5 years post surgery. read more.
Hi, I\'m so worried I can\'t go to the dr. I\'m losing weight, have pain when I eat across chest, burning sensation most days..taking ibuprofen, I smoke but eat healthily. PPI did not help at all...really worried that this may be EC...does it sound like the symptoms? read more.
Hello, my dad has recently been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer and is currently stage 3, T3N2M0. I was inspired by your story and wondered whether this is something they will still operate on? He\'s shut down and will not talk to us at all. We\'ve had to read that off his discharge summary, I\'m 29 years of age and just want to know if surgery is even possible at this point. Thank you. read more.
Hi. My name is Carey-Ann and my 44 year old husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at the end of September. He has gone through chemo and radiation and recently the surgery (2 and a half weeks ago). We are desperately hoping this is all behind us. We have two girls ages 6 and 8 and I am recovering from a brain injury still of 5 years ago. Jeff\'s pathology report has just come available and it appears that despite CATscan showing all looked possibly clear, that there was some scant tumour cells and it appear to invade through the wall (T3) with 1-2 lymph nodes testing positive for lymph node invasion of cancer from the biopsey they removed from surgery. The lymph node finding in particular has rocked our world now as we hear of this and as he continues to heal, still in the early stages from the surgery. Is this a death sentence if they still find cancer, particularly in a couple of the lymph nodes after the chemo and radiation. I would love to hear from people who have had lymph node cancerous invasion after chemo and radiation (pre-surgery) and still gone on to live many year and even go into remission. The stats are so scarey on this and we are terrified. Please help. Here is our story from earlier this fall - My Husband’s Cancer | Potential Unlimited To see a picture of my family on social media, we look almost perfect. Two beautiful, blue-eyed blonde little girls, an athletic, handsome husband and of ... Thanks for providing any support and peer mentoring with the same findings as Jeff around the lymph nodes and cancer still present after chemo and radiation. Thanks so much. Carey-Ann read more.