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Teri my husband is a t3 n2 m0 he has one treatment of cisplation(spelling wrong) and one treatment of 5fu 24treatmens of radation the surgan said no to surgery the doctors wont do a nother endoscopy for 4 to 5 week he has another round of chemo next week he\'s blood work is just slightly off does this sound rigjt to you read more.
Hi Teri, my dad is diagnosed with Stage 3 Oesophagus cancer recently. As he had triple bypass 8 years back back, doctors suggested not to go for operation but to try radiotherapy. Currently he is in the 3r week of radiotherapy along with 3 sessions ( weekly once) chemo (cisplatin 5fu). Pending 2 weeks of radiation and 3 chemos which completes his treatment for now. It would be very helpful if you could share how you are doing and how the treatment helped you. Thank you so much. KP read more.
Hi Teri, What symptoms did you have that lead your to get checked read more.
Wh as t did you eat my friend went through radiation and they won\'t do chemo unless he is eating read more.
hi, I’ve been in remission for 9 years but still have food getting stuck occasionally ! Do you have this? read more.