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I was diagnosed July 2015 with Adenocarcinoma. I was having trouble swallowing which prompted a visit to the ER for a barium swallow followed by scope. Cancer was stage III. In the esophagus and surrounding nodes. I started Chemo-radiation and a drug call Herceptin. Herceptin bonds to the HER2 protein in some cancers stopping them from replicating. Cancer shrunk from 8cm to 1.5cm in esophagus and disappeared altogether in the nodes. I had surgery Dec 1 2015 and had plenty of complications. Leak in the new esophagus as well as a pulmonary embolism. In hospital for 16 day and out for 8 before being rushed back for infection under the lung. After 20 day I\'m out and recovering. I also had a lot of froth mentioned above. Doctors believed it was acid. I also threw up quite a bit. I has gotten much better. I lost 45 lbs and 10 months after surgery haven\'t gained a pound back but I am much healthier. Recent CT shows nothing new. Eat small meals more often and have to watch my blood sugar due to dumping syndrome. It does get better. I never would have believed I could have gotten through it but I did. I do believe that my eating is improving and my stomach is getting larger. Does it get better over time. Will my stomach continue to grow which I assume will assist is sleeping. At this point I fall asleep in an easy boy and halfway through the night I go to bed after my stomach is empty. I still sleep on a wedge but I can sleep on my side at that point. I also continually cough up mucus. I\'m not sure if its due to scar tissue in esophagus or lungs due to raidaition or damage in the lungs form the PE. Any advise you have is appreciated. I\'m only 1.5 years post surgery. read more.