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Hello John, After reading your story of survival I was truly inspirational and I am writing to you on behalf of my uncle who was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer a couple of year ago. The outlook was grim, but after going through chemotherapy the cancer unbelievably as it was completely disappeared on it\\\'s own, which doctors have yet no logical explanation for. it was truly out of the ball park. But now the cancer it back, it is localised to one area and treatments are starting again, but I think he is loosing hope because of the \\\"5 year rule\\\" imposed upon him. He is celebrating his 60th birthday in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if there was anything you could say to Grant from a real life survivor that would help him forget the numbers and statistics I would be eternally grateful to you. read more.
My Father has Stage 3 and is 80. He now has Double pneumonia is the rest of family h as ving to much false hope is is He at end od life? He is also on Respirato read more.
My father has stage 3 and double Pneumonia now on life support. He is 80 and did not make it trough first round of Treatment I live a 800 miles from home Should I be concerned at End of Life stage... read more.
Hello, I have a friend living across the country whom I cannot visit. He has Stage 4 and has spread a bit. I do not have a clue on what he is going through or how to best support. Can\\\'t send food, can\\\'t send money, can only send emails at this time. What else can I do that could help? read more.
What does the b stand for? Pat read more.