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Hi niec to know.How you doing now and is the tumour completely removed ? read more.
My son has been just recently dx with esophageal cancer stge 4 mets to the liver..He is only 31...We are going next week for a pet scan and to see the dr..They only gave him 6-8 mos..He has cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair. Was wondering how youwere doing with treatments read more.
My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 3 wks ago he had had 2 chemo so far. Do you mind sharing your treatment? read more.
My husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer..has spread to lymph nodes in stomach and 3 micro lesions on his liver..any help u can give us..doctors, treatments, diet. We are going to the Cleveland clinic tomorrow. Can u recommend a hospital or doctor that you went to? read more.
Jean, firstly.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was diagnosed in August with stage 4 and given 6-9 months if I took chemo. As of today.....NED. PETSCAN SHOWED NO ACTIVITY!!! Here is my question. Did they keep you on any therapy after your first clean scan? read more.
Hi, My father has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage IV esophageal cancer. He is 65 years old. Can you please share your treatment plan? Thank you for replying. read more.
Hi im 52 years old I was diagnosed at 51 with stage 4. I was told that the cancer started in my esophagus traveled to my lungs and neck. I have 3 lymph nods my mass is in my throat I have a peg tube as I cant eat by mouth. Ive done 10 days of high dose radiation that you would do in 28 days. Ive done 2 rounds of chemo I was told could not have surgery because of being stage 4, even if chemo works and shrinks tumor my dr said no possible chance of survival. Do you recommend a second opinion? Do you think there is more help for me then what I am receiving? read more.
Jean Roop,Am Frank from Uganda my mum has been diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer and has undergone first phase of Chemo second is due in 3 weeks.She is thinking of skipping it. Having issues eating and has lost so much weight.Are there any feeding options to help her recover body weight. Am scared.[loltrench[at]] read more.
Hi Jean, my dad is diagnosed with stage 4 esophagus cancer today. Initially pet scan showed its first stage and he responded quite good to chemo but when doctors were operating they found 4th stage cancer. Please let me know how you managed it and if treatment is possible I am ready to take him to any hospital in the world. read more.
God bless you Jean your story gives me hope as I was recently diagnosed with the same and I m scared Were you scared did you ever give up hope read more.
My husband\'s oncologist said his stage IV is not a candidate for radiation or surgery. Chemo only??? read more.
Hi Jean, can i ask if you had lymph node involvement? read more.