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Hi mr eric This is shakira here from India. I saw one your comments on internet saying that u suffered from cancer. My mother is diagnosed with squamous cell oesophageal cancer at stage 2 docs have suggested for chemotherapy she has already tolerated one cycle of chemo and now she is only 36Kgs she has to undergo two more cycles. She has become very weak and is suffering from vomitings and heavy dizziness. Her skin got shrinked. My whole family got distressed. What symptoms did you have and what all happened with you before and during treatment please let me know Am very afraid will she survive? Regards read more.
Hi Eric, 61 male just diagnosed May 6 on my 32 anniversary. Came out of the blue on a ct scan. After100 tests the stage in the 2 category contained in the esophagus only. Still in shock any advice or hope..... Pete in nj or best cancer centers read more.
Hello congratulations on fighting the disease so well I want to know what are the follow up tests that you have been doing any PET scans? My husband is a two year survivor had his surgery in 2013 read more.
Can you plz call my daddy Rex page 63 veteran He will be getting the pet scan and feeding tube and chemo port tommarow and needs to here from you plz Broadway nc 910-580-5215 Rex page my daddy we found out Wednesday he has Oesophagus cancer God bless you read more.
Did you have any problems with the J-tube leaking and not closing after taking it out. Also I developed an abscess from where the camera was inserted for the robotic surgery. Just trying to learn for my husband how to deal with the eating and coughing alot.. read more.
Hi eric, so happy to hear you are cancer free! My mom, age 64, was diagnosed on Friday with EC, they are not sure if it is stage 2 or 3 yet as they are waiting for results of her pet scan, which she is scheduled for on this Saturday. She is starting radiation and chemo early next week. I am scared and clueless as I have no idea what to expect. I am reaching out because my mom cannot eat hardly anything and it breaks my heart. She basically chokes on anything - she has been eating cheesecake, ice cream and eggs. And shakes. I was wondering if you had any ideas suggestions on foods or shakes ? Not sure if you will but thought I would ask. Thank you for sharing your success story and I hope my mom can share one day too! Also, any feedback for what I can do for her post radiation/chemo treatments? Expectations ? Thanks again! read more.