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On July 28, 2014 my boyfriend had an esophogectomy. Prior to the surgery he received six weeks (one time per week) chemo therapy and six weeks (five times per week) radiation. He spend a month in the hospital post and recovery has been slow. Since the operation he has been fed through a jejunostomy (J tube). Tomorrow it will have been 15 weeks since the operation and he is still not able to eat. Once he was released to eat orally he started with clear liquids then full liquids. After about two weeks of broth, cream of --- soup and ice cream his throat began closing up. On October 8th he talked to the surgeon about his concerns and an appointment was scheduled to dilate what is now his esophagus. As of yet the procedure has not been completed (due to warfarin, wanted to do at hospital, throat too tight and requested a swallow study, too tight and requested a CT scan, then a fever). He is now at a point where he cannot swallow even clear liquids (tea, water, broth, etc.). He is becoming more and more upset with himself because he had the operation. Partly because they did not find any more cancer and that he can no longer eat. I was wondering if you have heard of this complication before. I am looking for answers, options, or questions to talk with the surgeon about. Thanks, Ellen read more.