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Stage 4? Where did it mets to? read more.
Congratulations on your improved health from Esophageal Cancer. Did you have Esophagectomy? If you did, how did you feel and what did you do after the surgery. If you didn\'t have the surgery, why? Thanks. FYI, I have Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer. This Thursday I\'ll be meeting with a group of surgeon to determine whether an operation is necessary. Thanks for your help. read more.
Hi Bill. My name is Shareen Mann and in writing to you from Malaysia. My dad has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. It\'s been a tough thing for all of us to process. Having gone thru it yourself, I was hoping you could help us shed some light on how you fought it successfully. Looking forward to hearing from you back. Regards. read more.
God Bless You, I\'m scared I was just diagnosed with Stage IV esophagus cancer and they say their is no cure and without treatment I have maybe 6 months, I feel like I was just given a death sentence. I will have chemo every other Thursday, I have lymph nodes as well therefore, radiation will not be done, I\'m scared, I\'m only 50 and I\'m so not ready to go, any advice? read more.
Good day, did you have to undergo a surgery after radiation and chemo? read more.
Hi I’m sorry if I’m reposting again because I’m not sure if the first question I had was posted or I accidentally pressed something else. Anyway let me start off by saying congratulations and God bless for surviving. My name isGiuseppe Scigliano and my brother was very recently diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. I’m mainly reaching out to find someone who is a survivor and that may have some commonalities with his diagnosis. Besides the esophageal cancer , it has unfortunately spread to his lungs liver and bone (spine I believe) . Again God Bless. And if you want to reach out to me as well my email is Gsciglia@gmail. Once again thank you. read more.
i have been diagnosed with Stage IV, esophageal cancer. Looking for ANY success stories out there? Are you still doing ok? read more.