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Hi barbara, so happy to hear you are cancer free! My mom, age 64, was diagnosed on Friday with EC, they are not sure if it is stage 2 or 3 yet as they are waiting for results of her pet scan, which she is scheduled for on this Saturday. She is starting radiation and chemo early next week. I am scared and clueless as I have no idea what to expect. I am reaching out because my mom cannot eat hardly anything and it breaks my heart. She basically chokes on anything - she has been eating cheesecake, ice cream and eggs. And shakes. I was wondering if you had any ideas suggestions on foods or shakes ? Not sure if you will but thought I would ask. Thank you for sharing your success story and I hope my mom can share one day too! Also, any feedback for what I can do for her post radiation/chemo treatments? Expectations ? Thanks again! read more.
Hello, my name is Bert ! Just wondering I do not have cancer but had a esophagus birth defect damage !! Now I have Barrett\'s and non working esophagus and Dr has advised me that my only hope is removal !! My trachea is damage also and will be repaired during surgery !! I am 47 and just wondering was I am looking at for long term survival !! I do not have cancer but will be operated on as if I were !! Looking for information and advice Thank you !! read more.