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Hi my name is Tina. I am 46 years old and the mother of two boys 11 & 13. Last Thursday I was told I have esophageal cancer. My Dr. believes that they found it early. I had a scope in Feb. and April and no tumor was found. I am going today to an ultra sound to stage my cancer. I am so scared. I don\'t know where to turn. read more.
Hi. I am fifty two years of age with esophogeal cancer I completed six weekssof radiation and five weeks of chemo that was seven weeks ago. I lost thru out the whole first year that doctors would nit listen to me and my plea on how I was feeling I list over one hundred and thirty pounds before they finally gave me a endoscopy. How lousy did you feel after the treatments and for how long? Because I have lost all my muscle and dont do anything but stay in bed. I drink ensures and have no appetite I have terrible pain across the middle of my back and lay on a heating pad to much. My oncologist does not think tge pain is cancer related. I go for my pet scan in a few days and I have to be strong enough for pissible surgery any advice would be grateful and cc so would prayer. Thank you God bless you. read more.
Hi Do you know if severe acid reflux causes your teeth to rot. I\'m 27 yrs old , female and have been having more and more problems with my teeth ... read more.
Hi Aoife, so happy to hear you are cancer free! My mom, age 64, was diagnosed on Friday with EC, they are not sure if it is stage 2 or 3 yet as they are waiting for results of her pet scan, which she is scheduled for on this Saturday. She is starting radiation and chemo early next week. I am scared and clueless as I have no idea what to expect. I am reaching out because my mom cannot eat hardly anything and it breaks my heart. She basically chokes on anything - she has been eating cheesecake, ice cream and eggs. And shakes. I was wondering if you had any ideas suggestions on foods or shakes ? Not sure if you will but thought I would ask. Thank you for sharing your success story and I hope my mom can share one day too! Also, any feedback for what I can do for her post radiation/chemo treatments? Expectations ? Thanks again! read more.