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Just wondering how you were doing? read more.
Hello Anthony. I am writing because my father has been diagnosed with stage IV EC yesterday and the doctor is not going to operate. He is scheduled for chemo and possibly radiotherapy but they are giving him a year. Please can you give more details about your treatment and the fact that you haven\'t had surgery. I am pushing for a second opinion regarding the surgery option. Thanks in advance, Vikki read more.
Anthony, My dad was diagnosed with the exact same thing you were diagnosed with. Any words of advice or treatments you did and the process you went through would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your story and everyone else on this website for participating. It gives you hope. Life is Good!!! read more.
I'm so happy for your story god bless you. I was just diagnosed and I'm scared, did you ever give up hope and who took the news harder, you or your wife? read more.
Anthony, amazing story and so glad you are still with us. This will soon be available in Citrus County. Allows the GI doc to view the cells during your upper endoscopy directly targetting Barrett\'s Esophagus, LGD, HGD, or Cancer. read more.