The EC Survivor’s List provides Hope and Knowledge to the esophageal cancer community through a searchable Survivor’s List. Members can view each others’ stories and contact each other if they wish.

      1. How do I join?
         Click on the “Join the List” button–or the “Log In” button. 
      2. Can I view this site on my handheld?  Yes 
      3. Do I have to register to see the list?
        No, You can view the survivor list without registering, but you must register if you wish to contact other list members.
      4.  Why do you ask if I have been diagnosed with EC?
        This lets other members know you are an EC patient/survivor. However, all are welcome to register—patients, caregivers, family, and friends.
      5. I filled in the registration form, now what?
        Click the link in the email we’ve sent to activate your account.
      6. I don’t know some of the answers to the questions on the Profile, what should I do?
        Select the “unknown” option for now. You can update your profile later if you wish.
      7. What if I do not want to be contacted by other members at this time?
        Once logged in, in your profile under ‘Privacy’, you can turn off/on the features for email and questions.
      8. How do I ask a group of survivors a question?
        Go to Discussion Groups to ask groups of people a question. This is encouraged over contacting trying just one person.
      9. I registered but I don’t see my name on the Survivor’s list? Two reasons:
        Currently, this is a Survivors list only, so caregivers and others  do not show
        As a survivor you need to complete your diagnosis date. Login, click edit details, scroll down and enter your diagnosis date. (We appreciate the roller-coaster of events when first diagnosed. You are in the system, and start showing on the survivors list 6 months plus after diagnosis.)
      10. My profile picture is off ?
        The site uses a standard size of 240 x 160 pixels for the picture. Its best to size your picture before you upload it.
      11. I want people to reach me through a forum ? We highly encourage you to add in your description.          ” You can reach me regularly at ………  forum”
      12. I’m newly diagnosed, I don’t have a lot of time, I’m getting a little lost on the site, can you help me see the list?
        Yes, contact the moderator, we will help you, you are not alone.