Most information on the Survivors Register is publicly available. Personal information submitted on the Survivors website will only be used for the purpose for which collected.

Links from other websites to Survivors List website

No permission is required for cancer related organizations to add a link from their website to the Survivors List website.


ECAA is a volunteer Esophageal Cancer group . This website is not funded or sponsored by any outside organizations or corporations, and is maintained by ECAA volunteers.The Survivors List website and its contents, and ECAA do not provide medical advice and do not endorse any product, treatment or therapy. ECAA does not evaluate the quality of services provided by other organizations mentioned or linked to the Survivors List website. ECAA and supporting organizations have no way of controlling the accuracy of data in the survivors list. ECAA will make efforts  to provide information that is accurate but cannot guarantee the survivors list is current or accurate.

A registered survivor on the Survivors List can opt out of the survivors list at anytime.

For any visitors to site, it is not required for a survivor to respond to a question.

This is a public website for the basic survivor’s information.

ECAA reserves the right to contact registered members of the list to provide information regarding   EC Organizations. For example but not limited, newsletter information, upcoming events. ECAA is a volunteer group. If the ability to maintain the site becomes out of scope for ECAA, the survivors list may be moved. Registered members will be contacted and asked if they desire their registration information to be moved or archived.

The Use of ECAA logo or organizational name is not permitted without written consent from ECAA.

By registering, you are allowing your basic profile information to be visible publicly. This does not include your birthday, and email. Profile information is publicly available unless stated otherwise on the sign-up and profile.