The Survivor List was assembled:

To help bring Hope to the EC Community that you are not alone.

This website has been setup to bring Visibility of a Survivors List. It’s also setup to support connecting to an EC Survivor.

 ECAA is a non-profit volunteer organization hosting the survivors list. ECAA’s mission is to provide outreach for esophageal cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors, to increase public awareness of this disease and to offer education and information in a supportive environment.

We like to thank all members of the EC world who have given their personal time to help give ideas, kick the tires, proof read, test, register, and spread the word across EC Survivors.

We welcome any EC organization that would like to help with the Survivors Lists.

Please note, there are many technical features you may have seen on websites. This is a volunteer group supporting this list, and we have chosen to keep it simple, in the hopes that we can keep it posted for awhile.