Melanie Collier
Melanie Collier, Vice-President

Melanie Collier and her husband, Bob lived in Cartersville, GA. for most of their twenty-three year marriage. Melanie owns a home based business, M. C. Collier Productions, Inc., which specializes in political consulting and event production. Upon moving to Cartersville, the Colliers became active in their church, their children’s school and activities and their community. Cartersville quickly became home and for twenty years the family thrived in the community.

2010, however, brought serious challenges and major change for the Collier family. First in January of that year, Melanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day before her needed surgery, Bob was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Both Melanie and Bob were determined to fight the diseases that were taking control of their lives. They both endured major surgery and chemotherapy, often having treatment side by side. Their faith remained strong and many knew of their positive attitude. For over a year, both Melanie and Bob enjoyed improved health. In 2012, however, Bob’s condition took a sharp turn for the worse and he succumbed to esophageal cancer. He was admitted to the hospital on May 21 and on June 15 he passed away with his family by his side. Melanie was suddenly a widow at the age of fifty. At the time his son, Michael, was twenty-one and a college student. His daughter, Cara, was nineteen, had just graduated from high school and about to begin her first year in college.

Over the last three years Melanie has been involved with cancer charities. Last fall she met Rhonda Small with ECAA and became very interested in the mission of the organization. Melanie has a strong desire to see that something positive comes from the devastating experience her family endured due to Esophageal Cancer. Though Melanie is a breast cancer survivor, she believes her efforts can best be spent in raising awareness for the horrible cancer that gets too little attention, is growing in number of cases and took the life of her beloved husband, Bob Collier.