ECAA Board Member, Brian Galgay
ECAA Board Member,
Brian Galgay

In August 2007 at the age of 23 I was diagnosed with Stage II-B (T2N1) adenocarcinoma. My treatment included an MIE at UPMC, followed by chemotherapy at MSKCC.

One of the most difficult challenges for me during my fight with cancer was dealing with all of the unknowns. Thankfully I had a great support network, and the fear of the unknowns faded as previous survivors mentored me and offered me guidance. Because of them, I headed into battle with the courage of knowledge.

It is my wish that ECAA will continuously improve on its ability and methods of equipping future patients, caregivers and survivors with the knowledge they need as they battle EC.

At this point, my scans and check-ups continue to show no evidence of disease! I am so grateful to have my health and a renewed lease on life. I look forward to serving the organization and helping the lives ECAA reaches. My interests lie in providing a central knowledge base for EC, building an EC community, and increasing awareness of EC globally.

I earned a BA of Economics at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and an MBA at NYU Stern. I now live in San Francisco with my wife.

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