Across our Facebook community group, fan page and Twitter handle, ECAA has been actively encouraging volunteers to help raise awareness of esophageal cancer. As a nonprofit charged to take on this ‘beast’, we utilize all avenues of communication and social media to convey our message. What sets ECAA apart from other nonprofits organizations is that: we are ALL, each and every one of us, volunteers.

However we come to learn about esophageal cancer, the unifying bond is that we want to take action; we want to make a difference; we want to do something. Volunteering allows us to do just that.

This holiday week of Passover and Easter, we here at ECAA thank you for taking the time to understand our mission. Everything we do is volunteer driven. Our board, the leadership, the activists and community organizers are all volunteers. We cannot function without concerned, proactive people like you all.

In that vein, we appeal to you to take action. April is esophageal cancer awareness month. All month long, volunteers across the US and the world are taking action to help raise awareness of the disease. And now we ask you: Write to us. Join us. Fight with us.

We are here for you this month, and every month thereafter. Let’s make a difference.

Thank you.

The ECAA Volunteer team

This April, Be a Volunteer