Dear friends and supporters of ECAA,As the holiday season enters full swing, we know that you’re already busy decorating and buying gifts for your loved ones.  In this spirit, we ask that you consider us as an option for your gift this year.  ECAA offers donations “in honor”, which you can designate to whomever you choose.  Nothing brings a family closer together than taking a stand against cancer.

2013 is going to be an even brighter year for ECAA is raising awareness of esophageal cancer.  ECAA has an established, large network of suvivors and caregivers across the country which helps support people newly introduced to the disease.  Next year the goal is to further mobilize that community into an army against esophageal cancer.  Your donations and volunteerism make that possible — thank you.

Please remember, ECAA is fully volunteer driven.  That means, your donations go completely toward the cause.  Again, this cannot exist without your help; thank you.

Happy Holidays,
The ECAA Board of Directors

Giving Tuesday follows Cyber Monday