As we close the 2nd week of April, Esophageal Cancer Awareness month is going strong!

Periwinkle, as you read before, is the nationally recognized color for Esophageal Cancer (EC)?  ECAA is asking that everyone wear Periwinkle each Friday this April to promote awareness of the disease.  Encourage your friends and family to wear periwinkle.

We had a large influx of requests for wristbands and magnets as a result of last Friday’s “Wear Periwinkle” day.  Do your part and wear periwinkle on Fridays this April. If you don’t own any periwinkle or EC gear,visit our shop. All proceeds go toward raising more awareness of EC.

Once you’re rockin’ the Periwinkle gear, take a photo and share it with us.  We’ll put up a collage at the end of the month, displaying our EC champions who honor the victims of this disease.

Thanks again!
– the ECAA Blogger

Put your clothes out now for Periwinkle Fridays

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